It seems like everyone is talking about Omega fatty acids and how beneficial they are to health. While you may not know exactly what they are, one thing seems to be obvious - they're good for you. In fact, studies show Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency ranks in the top 10 killers of Americans.

The good news is we can get these beneficial nutrients by eating fatty fish like salmon. The bad news is many don’t like these types of fatty fish or can’t afford the recommended wild caught varieties on a regular basis. The other major drawback is purity. We can’t control where fish swim, so concerns about heavy metals like mercury are well founded.
With this in mind, many people have turned to fish oils pills. Terms like “molecular distillation” and “pharmaceutical grade” describe the processes used to remove contaminants. Unfortunately, there’s a trade-off. When you purify fish oil, you essentially damage it. For example, a purified fish oil supplement often contains just two omega fatty acids – EPA and DHA, whereas a salmon fillet contains sixteen! This may explain why some studies find people who consume fish have better results than those who take supplements. 

That’s why I’m such a fan of New Chapter’s Wholemega, a 100% wild Alaskan salmon oil in a softgel. To me, it’s the closest thing to actually eating wild Alaskan salmon. It’s NOT purified because it’s pure to begin with, yet it has been clinically shown to support a healthy heart. In fact, we’ve had numerous customers report an increase in their HDL (good) cholesterol while experiencing a decrease in their LDL (bad) cholesterol after only 60 days on Wholemega. It’s the fish oil my family and I take.

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